Gym Rules

Below are some basic rules and guidelines designed to make your experience here at CrossFit Rapid Fire the best that it can be.

Check in before class starts!

So we are not taking time during class to check in.

Reserve your spot in class.

Reserving your spot allows us to be prepared for how many of people to expect in a class.

Be cool.

No one likes a meanie.

Put things back where you found them.

After class is over, make sure you wipe down and return all equipment where it belongs. This helps keep the gym organized and it’s courteous to your fellow members entering the next class.

Chalk stays in the bucket!

Chalk is a privilege, please don’t abuse it. We don’t care how much you use as long as you don’t leave a trail of powder everywhere you go.

No gum.

When you’re in class there is no gum chewing. It can be unsafe (please don’t force us to do the Heimlich maneuver) and can be nasty if it gets stuck to the floor.


No one cares how fast you did a workout, but they will care if you cheat reps to be first. Our program is best effective if you do it to your best ability. 70% of the work won’t get you 100% of the results.

Listen to your Coaches!

If a Coach is speaking, please stop what you’re doing and listen. You may be a veteran CFF’er, but there are always new members who are still learning the ropes. Be respectful to them and your Coaches by listening to all workout descriptions and instructions.

Listen to your Coaches! (Yes, again)

If a Coach insists that you go LIGHTER on a lift, LISTEN to them. We are here to make sure you do things correctly and safely, not to be mean workout police – but we will be if we have to. Likewise, if we think a weight you’re using is too light, we’ll encourage you to go heavier. Trust us. It’s what we do.

Only the Coaches coach.

Please don’t coach your fellow members. That’s what we’re here for. If you see something unsafe, let a coach know and we’ll address it.

Respect the gym and its equipment.

Our equipment is expensive. Never drop an empty barbell, a kettlebell, or dumbbells as they can break (or break the floor underneath). This is your gym and to many of you, your home away from home. Do your part to keep it clean, organized, and treat it as if it were your own.

Support your fellow members.

Finished with your workout early? Don’t break down your bar just yet – encourage and cheer on your classmates as they finish theirs. This is what makes our community so great.